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Skin care Oxygen & Water Jet Peel Machine VO6

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Skin care Oxygen & Water Jet Peel Machine VO6

Skin care Oxygen & Water Jet Peel Machine VO6
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: VCA LASER
Certification: CE, ISO13485
Model Number: VO6
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Aluminum package
Delivery Time: 4 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 2000 units/month

Oxygen Water Jet Peel Skin Care Machine VO6



It is a simple and effective superficial peel that helps rejuvenate the facial skin. It makes use of pressurized oxygen to accelerate a liquid agent (saline) to supersonic velocities, creating an exfoliative effect on the skin. The liquid agent (saline) is compounded with different vitamins and supplements that will address the problem of the patient. The high velocity, at the speed of 200m/s, peels the superficial layers of the skin allowing better penetration of the compounded substances, and prevents skin inflammation and infection by saline solution which is put out in spray. The anaerobic bacteria in the sebaceous glands cannot exist when oxygen is spray into the skin.



1. Deep cleaning, Oily skin improvement

2. Scar removal: all kinds of scars such as scar left by laser, burn and surgery etc

3. Acne: blain acne, scabby acne, allergic acne, papilla acne, improving the appearance of  lipidic skin and acne pit.

4. Skin care: skin whitening and softening, facial lifting and tightening, eye bag and black    eye circle removing, weary skin and gloom yellow skin improving

5. Wrinkle reduction: reduce wrinkles around canthus, furrow

6. Hair regrowth: has good effect for Alopecia areata, baldness and loss of hair etc

7. Water replenishing to skin



1.The most advanced skin renew technology
The previous skin regeneration technologyare:chemistryrenew skin, laser peeling, crystal peeling, etc, their abuse:high risk, hard to handle;skin infect easily, convalescence are long;
Only act on skin surface layer, can not reach deeper of skin.Whenas oxygen&water device shield those abuse ago, the treatment depth controlled artificially, safe, easy to operate, only oxygen and water required, no side-effect, at the same time , their exiguous liquid dropping and oxygen into skin corium, make skin absorb alimentation, stimulate renew arrange of collagen, at the same time of treatment, speed skin renew, and makes skin stretch.

2.The most safe treatment way
The oxygen & water device , only oxygen and water required, lustration, sanitation, no side-effect , also can melt collagen, vitaminC into water,   speed skin renew. The treatment depth controlled artificially, safe, easy to operate.

3.The most comfortable treatment process
No pain, no tension, feel comfortable and cleanlily during treatment, because of the increasing oxygen, air will become fresh.




Oxygen & Water system



Gas resource

Medical oxygen

Gas pressure

0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa     43.5Psi—72.5Psi

Oxygen flux


Liquid flux



32×35×93 (cm)



Power supply


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